Car theft fines: Rada commission recommends penal code amendments



Car theft fines: Rada commission recommends penal code amendments

The Law Enforcement Committee recommended that the Verkhovna Rada adopt bill No. 3301 “amending the codes of criminal and penal procedure of Ukraine on improving legislation in the field of the fight against unlawful seizure of a vehicle ”as a basis.

The committee made the corresponding decision at the April 28 meeting, reports the Ukrinform correspondent.

“To recommend that the Verkhovna Rada adopt Bill No. 3301 as a basis,” said committee chairperson Denis Monastyrsky, expressing the committee’s decision.

Thus, 20 committee members present voted in favor, while one committee member abstained and one did not support the decision.

The draft provides for amendments to articles 289 (unlawful seizure of a vehicle), 290 (destruction, falsification or replacement of a number of components and assemblies of a vehicle) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and to article 250 (Conduct of a secret investigation (search) before the decision of an investigating judge) of the Code of Criminal Procedure Ukraine

Thus, it is proposed to supplement article 290 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine with a standard according to which the illegal introduction of amendments, falsification, replacement or destruction of the identification number of an illegally stolen vehicle , its sale, as well as the creation or maintenance of places where these vehicles are hidden, understaffed or re-equipped the funds must be punished liable to a fine of one thousand to one thousand two hundred minimum income tax-exempt citizens (from 17,000 to 34,000 UAH) or m-phrase restrictions ranging from three to five years, or imprisonment for the same period.

The authors of the bill propose to punish the same acts committed by an organized group or a criminal organization with a prison sentence of five to seven years with confiscation of property.

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In addition, under the vehicle identification number in this article, it is proposed to include the license plate with the vehicle identification number, the numbers (license plates) of the engine, bodywork or chassis (chassis) of the vehicle.

Bill 3301 was registered with the Rada on April 3 by a group of people’s deputies, chaired by the chairman of the sub-committee on administrative law, security and detectives of the law enforcement committee. , Vyacheslav Medyanik (faction “Servant of the people”).

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