Card Passion: The Best Games for iOS and Android


Do you like to play cards and in the company, but do not want to give up the technological amenities offered by smartphones and tablets? This place is for you. Recently, the Apple Store and Play Store have welcomed the appearance of dozens of card games, more or less traditional. And to get out of this sea of ​​applications, talking about the best sports and fighting games, we selected the best among the great classics and the most modern games.

Let’s start our list with one of the most successful bestsellers in the last few years, i.e. homeFew have ever heard of the name Blizzard, who came in shortly also in the world of eSportsBut it’s time to fix it. Released in 2014, it immediately gathered a lot of fans around the world thanks to a lot of game modes, easy to learn gameplay and at the same time full of surprises. After loading, we will have to play the role of one of the heroes of Warcraft and challenge opponents scattered around the world using magic, spells, weapons and abilities. Strengths include constant updates with new card sets that are always available, and strategies that need to be discovered.

Let’s stay in the world of trading cards to talk about Shadowversea multi-player title that stands out for its concern for animation and narrative, as well as the beauty of online battles. Designed and created by Cygames, Shadowverse allows you to choose your own set of cards from defenders, spells and amulets. And each of them, together with the opportunity to play the role of eight classes of different heroes, always allows you to implement different game strategies. Intuitive, constantly updated and full of tournaments and events, the Japanese headline also offers an exciting story mode and is designed to be discussed for a long time.

It is time to take a small step back to focus on the great classics. Among the latest news Fun2play stands outthe latest game launched by PokerStars with the world of Texas Hold’em in the center. Fun2play, however, is not a traditional poker game. After we created our avatar, we will actually have to learn the basic rules and start climbing into the world Hall of Fame. All of them go through one-on-one competitions, online tournaments and individual leagues that allow you to rise in the ranking of effectiveness. This is the name Casa della Picca Rossa, which combines card and management games in an innovative way.

There are two games for nostalgia: Spider and Uno Solitaire and FriendsFirstly, this is a reinterpretation of the classic solitaire present in all the first versions of Windows, with two new features, the ability to change the last move made and the ability to see the selected card in the right place with a simple touch. The second is the digital version of Uno, which allows you to challenge your friends and organize real tournaments. In addition, there are also weekly prize-winning events and a rating to go up to make the fun more varied.

We remain in the world of nostalgia to talk about Teppenor a game of collectible cards with heroes heroes of historical sagas CapcomFeaturing an interesting gaming system capable of combining real-time and shifts, Teppen is both intuitive and complex. At the beginning it will not be easy to find the right balance between the composition of the deck and the time necessary to understand when to use the special abilities of the characters, action cards and unit cards, but as soon as you understand the mechanism, the hours and hours of guaranteed fun will come. And then among the selected characters are Megamen X and Zero, Street Fighter’s Ryu and Chun-Li, Dante Devil May Cry and Resident Evil Albert Wesker. It is impossible not to have it.

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