Case of golden mandarin oil: Bernatskaya extended the restraint measure



Case of golden mandarin oil: Bernatskaya extended the restraint measure

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court has extended the procedural obligations of one of the suspects in the event of seizure and legalization of more than 54.179 million hryvnias of public funds, namely: the former first Deputy Minister of Justice .

This was reported by the press service of the anti-corruption prosecution on Facebook.

“The court accepted the arguments of the prosecutor of the SAP and extended until June 1, 2020 the procedural obligations determined when filing a deposit of 7 million UAH,” the statement said.

In particular, the ex-official is obliged to address the detective, the prosecutor, the investigating judge, the court for each request; not to leave the place of residence without the authorization of a detective, a prosecutor or a court; inform a detective, prosecutor or court of a change in place of residence and work; refrain from communicating with other suspects in the case; deposit with the National Migration Service of Ukraine their passports for traveling abroad and other documents giving the right to leave Ukraine; wear electronic control.

The SAP recalled that in September 2013, a representative of the company Golden Mandarin Oil, controlled by the former People’s deputy of Ukraine and under his direct direction, prepared and sent a declaration to the European Court of Human Rights man to collect millions of hryvnia from the Ukrainian state budget as unpaid debts. from the PJSC of Kyivenergo to the oil storage company, which has not been carried out by the executive services since 2009.

However, the investigation revealed that despite the court ruling in its favor, Golden Mandarin Oil had not asked the executive service for its implementation. However, the Court did not report this fact.

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In addition, the fact of the assignment of the claim to Kyivenergo in favor of another private company, also affiliated with the former deputy – the organizer of the program, which occurred six months before the appeal to the ECHR , has been hidden.

Later, according to the investigation, to accompany the case before the European Court, the former people’s deputy agreed with the leadership of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, with the help of which the government commissioner to the ECHR prepared a declaration on the amicable settlement of the dispute, on the basis of which it undertook to pay the Mandarin gold for the people’s deputy. Oil »54,179 million UAH from the State budget of Ukraine for bonds born between two individuals. On this basis, in February 2016, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine transferred the indicated amount of funds.

The SAP noted that some of the suspects had already expressed their willingness to cooperate in the investigation and to testify regarding the circumstances of the criminal offense.

Today, the preliminary investigation is underway, other people involved in the commission of the crime are being identified.

As reported by Ukrinform, on February 4, WAKS chose a security measure in the form of a commitment in the amount of 7 million UAH to former First Deputy Minister of Justice Natalya Bernatskaya, which appears in the so-called case of golden tangerine oil.

Bernatskaya subsequently paid 7 million commitments.

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