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Absolute incompetence: during the coronavirus pandemic, the “Ministry of Education” “DPR” endangers teachers and teachers

-> The media in the occupied territories report that in the so-called “DPR”, teachers and teachers are forced to work as before. In addition, educators when they come to work in a special newspaper must indicate the time of arrival and departure to work and sign. Professor at the “DNR”. Photo – This is […]

You may be going there yourself – MP Goncharenko was indignant at Zelensky’s decision

-> Party member for European Solidarity Alexei Goncharenko was outraged by the idea of ​​the country’s president, Vladimir Zelensky, to send Ukrainian doctors to Italy to help fight the coronavirus. Alexey Goncharenko. Photo – This is reported by the NPF, referring to Youtube channel people’s deputy. Alexey Goncharenko recorded the next video message. This […]

Ministry of Statistics launched a contest with prize money of $ 4 million

Ministry of Digital Transformation announces National IT Competition Ministry of Statistics launches a contest with prize money of $ 4 million: topics and conditions for participation To facilitate the lives of people and businesses during the coronovirus epidemic, the Ministry of Statistics launched a national competition of IT projects and ideas. The best ideas will […]

Russians unhappy with Putin: Russian blogger explains why head of Kremlin suddenly “hid in bunker”

-> The citizens of the Russian Federation are not satisfied with the actions of President Vladimir Putin in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Putin has decided to transfer responsibility for taking tough measures in the state to the government, and in the meantime, he “hid in a bunker”. Well-known Russian blogger Rustem Adagamov believes […]

If you have something to take out, then it’s better to hurry – ORDLO residents on social media write about a new problem in “L / DPR”

-> The inhabitants of the temporarily occupied territory of Donbass on social networks complain of a new problem. Residents of Ordlo report that in “republics” it is very difficult to withdraw money. “LDNR”. Stock Photo – This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to social networks, reports MFN. Residents of the occupied Donetsk and […]

There will be big fines, be prepared – the blogger said when the total checks will start in the “DPR”

-> In what is called “DPR”, serious restrictions are beginning to apply in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. A busy Donetsk blogger who writes under the pseudonym “Senya Atolich Varm” writes that today, April 2, in the “republic”, full controls of commercial enterprises are beginning. Contractors are required to give their employees masks, antiseptics. […]

Top movies about finance and economics

Learning to understand finance, promotion and cryptocurrency with the help of cinema Top movies about finance and economics. Photo: Previously edited Payspace magazine Selected streaming services to watch video content. Today we are sharing a list of feature films and documentaries that will help you understand finance and economics better. Insider (2010) The Oscar-winning […]

If the elections were held next Sunday: Socis has shown an updated rating of Ukrainian parties and politicians

-> The leadership is still held by the “Servant of the People”, although his support has diminished considerably. Second place, unexpectedly, was won by the Poroshenko party “European Solidarity”. Poroshenko and Zelensky. Stock Photo – It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “commanding officer“. So, according to a survey by the Socis Center […]

On Bankova, a fight has begun for the post of chief of the OPU – the media

-> The chair, in which Andrei Yermak is now seated, swayed considerably under him after the scandal with his brother Denis. Andrey Ermak. Stock Photo – About it writes “MFN” referring to the Telegram channel “Resident“. According to their source with Bankova, now in the OPU, a real struggle is taking place for the […]