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OnePlus Nord, the first pre-order block is completed: here are the dates of the next two

OnePlus Nord is (almost) official: today the Chinese manufacturer launched the first block of pre-orders for a smartphone, which will open the first signed “mid-level line” Oneplus, The company, according to Karl Pei, emphasized the particularly ambitious nature of the project: for many this is a kind of return to the roots, we will see […]

Marketer Cami Pham: Why I stopped helping people and I recommend you do the same

We have been told that people need help unconditionally, and especially when they least expect it. Of course, this is absolutely true. Occasional expressions of kindness can change a person’s life in many ways. However, each coin has a negative aspect. The source Translation for Mixstuff – Igor Abramov My mother taught me to never […]