CEC launches a new online service for voters


Ukrainians can now change their voting address online

CEC has launched a new online service for voters. Photo:

Ukraine’s Central Election Commission (CEC) has launched an online service that will allow Ukrainians to vote in local elections “not by registration”.

From 1 July, all voters who live outside the place of registration (including internally displaced persons) can change their voting address online. The CEC launched the related service on the website of the State Register of Voters.

Earlier in April, Digital Transformation Minister Mikhail Fedorov announced in his Telegram channel that the Central Election Commission is testing the task of changing the polling place online. The politician said, “Now, for the elections and the next presidential election, it will be possible to change the polling location in a minute or two from home.”

The new service allows you to change places for voting in local elections. To do this, you will have to submit an online application through the voter’s personal account and attach one of the following supporting documents:

  1. Help HPE;
  2. Rent contract;
  3. Document the ownership of the housing;
  4. A document confirming the implementation of voter entrepreneurial activity at a specific address;
  5. A document that confirms being married or in a family relationship with a person registered at a specific address;
  6. The document confirms that the voter cares about the person registered at a specific address.

An application can be made to the voter’s personal account on on the website of the State Register of Voters. To fill out an application for identification on the website and change the voting address, you will need an EDS (another name is CEP).

After shift Voting address will be determined as permanent Without the possibility of change again in the next 180 days.

CEC also added several other online services, a complete list of which can be found below.


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Previously we wrote that now any citizen can go to Ukrainian state institutions as a “pass” using an electronic passport in the Dia application. It is worth noting that previously, to obtain a pass, a physical identification document was required. Today, an e-passport is sufficient, which has become available to Ukrainians from 22 April.

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