Celebrities who hated their most famous creations


Sometimes this dream actually turns into a bad dream that hunts creative individuals for the rest of their career.

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It seems that the work of cult building that has been alive for centuries is the dream of any actor, artist, writer or creator. But sometimes this dream actually turns into a bad dream that hunts creative individuals for the rest of their career.

Vladimir Nabokov wanted to burn his novel Lolita.

Nabokov wrote a novel for five years, and when work on it was almost finished, he put the manuscript in a box and set fire to his backyard.

Luckily, his wife Vera saw the blazing flame over time and managed to get most of the manuscript out of the fire. More fortunately, she managed to convince him to finish this hate-filled creation.

Alan Milne complained that Winnie the Pooh ruined his creative legacy.

Milne, who wrote 25 plays, 7 novels and several non-novels, tried to become famous as a serious writer. But instead, he became famous for his brilliant stories for children.

He hated Vinny so much that he tried to kill her in the second (and last) book.

After reading several tabloid novels, Edgar Burrows felt that he could very well write something bad. As a result, his novel Tarzan appeared. The first book was followed by other stories about the adventures of this helpless hero. The simple hack has become a symbol of American mass culture.

Arthur Conan Doyle pondered his stories about Sherlock Holmes “hack”. For him, writing such stories was a boring, goodbye catchy, affair.

He wrote that historical works are considered his real work, and Sherlock Holmes only helped him pay the bills.

The writer also tried to kill Holmes once, but succumbed to pressure from fans to revive his hero. Shortly thereafter, he was so tired of an unsuspecting detective that he eventually stopped writing stories about her.

Virgil hated his epic poem “Enid”, which he wrote for 11 years.

The poem “Enid” – a word for the glory of Rome, is considered one of the greatest written works of mankind. Dying, Virgil asked to burn an almost finished composition.

But Emperor Augustus prevented this, as he considered himself a descendant of the great ancestor of Rome, the founder of Rome.

Rock band singerLed Zeppelin“Robert Plant has not accepted the passion of the song” Ladder to Heaven “.

Plant believed that the song was not so good compared to his other hit films, and by the late 70s he was fed up with the performance of the song.

Such deep hostility was a hindrance to the group’s reunion for decades, as she did not want to perform this song every night.

For producer Joseph Barber, the animated series Scooby-Doo was stupid and dull.

What a handful of teenagers walking with “big stupid dogs” could show interest in, and all the episodes were repetitions of the same plot, he thought.

But the channels continued to order more and more Scooby-Doo episodes (he couldn’t figure out why), so his studio “stamped” the episodes one by one.

Sean Connery was in contempt for the role of James Bond.

As he once said: “I always hated James Bond. I was ready to kill him. “This role was so disgusting to him that he paid his fees for the” final “bond for the charity. But then, with the help of an even higher fee, he was tempted to play Agent 007 twice.

In the end, he became completely unbearable to play the character, and he bid him goodbye forever.

Oddly, Robert Pattinson hates the Twilight film and his character in this film.

The more he read the screenplay, the more he hated Edward Cullen, so he decided to play him as a frantic-depressive psychologist who hates himself.

And he believed that with Bella, “there is definitely something wrong” if she loves Edward, who is like a serial killer.



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