Census may be postponed – Nemchinov explained reasons



Census may be postponed - Nemchinov explained reasons

The idea of ​​a digital census has the right to exist, but a conventional census should be. It is not yet known whether the state will have the means to hold it this year.

This was stated by Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleg Nemchinov in an interview with the online publication “UA-Times”.

“There are several implementation scenarios. Dmitry Dubilet (ex-Cabinet Minister – editor’s note) has offered to conduct a digital census. He also has the right to exist. But there should be a conventional census, which the demographers and sociologists. But that is really the case. serious funds. I’m not ready to say if the state is ready now, at least this year, to spend the funds. Furthermore, its preparation cycle is quite long, “said Nemchinov.

The Minister is convinced that the “window of opportunity” for the census has already been missed in the near future. “In order to conduct a census in 2020, even in 2021, we must start this process in March,” said the official.

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At the same time, he said that he had met with the head of the National Statistics Service, Igor Werner, and was convinced that the test assessment of the existing population had been carried out “in a fairly qualitative and interesting way”. At the same time, Nemchinov added that the error is quite significant, although within statistical limits.

“That is to say that the evaluation of the existing population was very well done. That does not take away from us the question of a complete census. These are the requirements of the United Nations. It is the requirement of the ruling party, “said the minister.

Earlier it was reported that the census will cost the state 3-4 billion hryvnia. According to the government census of the population, as of December 1, 2019, 37 million 289 thousand people were living in Ukraine.

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