Changes to the state budget: “European solidarity”, “Voices” and “HRE” against the proposed reductions



Whether they will be able to collect enough votes at today’s extraordinary parliamentary meeting to amend the state budget remains a mystery.

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On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Pavlovsky News“.

The problem is that some factions are not happy with the changes the government wants to make.

For example, in “Euro Solidarité”, it is against the fact that the new state budget wants to reduce the funding of local communities and education.

“Voice” is concerned that in the new document, the state budget deficit is 300 billion hryvnias. In addition, they want to cover it at the expense of international aid … But this assistance is now under a big question.

The OPZZh also noted flaws: they are unhappy that the funding of certain cultural projects has been preserved.

And in the pro-presidential “Servant of the People”, everyone is not satisfied with the new state budget, although they note that they will vote for it.

Recall that we wrote earlier that Birch criticized the changes to the state budget.

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