Charlize Theron spoke of her romance with Sean Penn: “I never intended to marry her.”



Charlize Theron spoke of her affair with Sean Penn:

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron

Famous Hollywood actress Charlize Theron and famous actor Sean Penn met for a year and a half: their romance started in late 2013 and ended in summer 2015. According to the actress, they broke up with one another okay, but the cause of their breakup is unknown.

Despite the short love story, there were rumors that the couple were going to get married – supposedly the lovers were secretly engaged in Paris and did not want to publicize this event, because the engagement ring on the ring finger de Theron did not appear. However, yesterday, the 44-year-old actress on SiriusXM, where she presented her new film “The Old Guard”, denied the information. When host Howard Stern asked her if she was really going to tie the knot with the actor, she was really amazed.

What? No that’s not true. I did not “almost marry Sean Penn”. No, we met, and that’s it. Of course, we had a relationship. We were definitely unique, but it only lasted a year. We have not moved forward. I never intended to marry her. Nothing like,

Said Theron.

Charlize Theron spoke of her affair with Sean Penn:

When Stern asked the actress if she had ever thought of marriage (Theron had never been married) or if she felt alone, Charlize replied that she had never considered marriage to be anything very important for her.

I never wanted to get married. I swear on the lives of my children, I have never been alone and I have never felt

She admitted, adding that now she was no longer afraid of a romantic relationship.

Charlize Theron spoke of her affair with Sean Penn:

I like to go out on dates, but I don’t know if I can live with someone again. Honestly, they may have to buy a house next to me. I don’t know if I can do it again, I’m too old for that,

– concluded the actress.

Charlize Theron spoke of her affair with Sean Penn:

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