Chernovol ready for battle: provocative new photos of activists



Former brilliant pro-Ukrainian MP Tatyana Chernovol organized a new provocation against the GBR. The patriot has posted photos in which she in a red dress poses with a “three rules”. She notes that during the search, law enforcement officials could not find this hidden weapon.

Tatyana Chernovol
Tatyana Chernovol. Stock Photo –

Reports on this subject “MFN”, with reference on Facebook Chernovol.

“I am pleased to present to you a new issue of the“ Advice to Revolutionaries ”series. You can admire my red dress and three lines. Our GBR could not find it during the search, and my theme will always be honesty, ”wrote Chernovol.

She noted that she was very happy to feel life fully and to “walk the wire”. She is proud to be a member of three revolutions.

“The Maidans in Ukraine are very positive. It is the Maidans who are saving our state, but we must not forget that they are an opportunity to plunge into the whirlwind of chaos, ”said Chernovol.

It should be noted that Chernovol had not previously recognized the fact of the illegal possession of weapons in the home.

Recall that, as indicated above, the situation on the front can change radically: the United States sends powerful support to Ukraine.



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