Chernovol turned to a psychiatric hospital for help: the results of the examination are already known



Former MP Tatyana Chernovol has officially confirmed her mental health. She has publicly denied the outrageous rumors about her.

Tatyana Chornovol
Tatyana Chornovol. Photo – 5.UA

It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to Facebook Tatyana Chernovol.

“The documents in my case contain the conclusions of specialists in forensic psychiatry. I am a mentally healthy person. Yes, I am emotional. However, for any politician, this is only a compliment. Maintaining common sense in the field of sociopaths, and our political space is just that, for people with a long and lofty sense of ideals of a clear conscience, is almost a feat. Despite the fact that this review works against me, and now I can end up in prison, now the dirty rumors have received a reliable refutation on an official level, “wrote Chernovol on the social network.

Є a positive in repressions. In my reference, the psychiatric expertise of visnovki on board, I am in good mental health. Then I …

Gepostet von Tetyana Chornovol am Sonntag, 12. April 2020

She noted that the main provocateurs of his expressive behavior were journalists from It should be noted that one of the cases in which Chernovol is adopted is an attack on the journalist of this publication.

Let us recall, as indicated above, the collapse of the European Union: the Head of the EC commented on the gravity of the consequences of the crisis.

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