Children are not the main risk group for coronavirus – epidemiologist



Children are not the main risk group for coronavirus - epidemiologist

Children are not at primary risk for COVID-19, but may be a source of infection.

The hypothesis was expressed at a press conference by a doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the infectious diseases department of NMU named after Bogomolets Olga Golubovskaya, the correspondent of Ukrinform reports.

“Thank God children are not the main risk group. But infection is possible. Maybe they are only the main source of infection. We will not know until after the introduction of the antibody test, ”said Golubovskaya.

She noted that Ukraine is the fifth country in the world that has successfully synthesized these antibodies.

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“And this is very important for the surveillance of any infectious disease. And then we find out, it may be that the vast majority of these children already have antibodies, and since they have many asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic forms, they may be the main source of infection, ”she explained.

At the same time, she recalled that there are cases of severe coronavirus infection in children and isolated deaths, and here they are not associated with diabetes, and perhaps we are talking about some kind of ‘immunodeficiency states. But children are still not the main group at risk for a severe course of the disease.

In turn, the doctor of medical sciences, corresponding member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, head of the department of diabetology of the National Medical Academy of Shupik, Boris Mankovsky, noted that children generally suffer from diabetes Type 1 is a type of diabetes that requires daily insulin injections, usually 3-4, and even 5 insulin injections per day.

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“It is a type of severe diabetes and any infection, especially an infection as serious as COVID-19, poses an increased danger to these people. Therefore, for these people, in the first place, respect for quarantine, self-isolation. But if a diabetic person gets sick, then it is very important to monitor and increase the insulin dose, the insulin dose in such a situation can increase dramatically, “he said.

According to doctors, coronavirus infection is the most dangerous for the elderly and patients with chronic diseases that weaken the immune system.

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