China c. Wuhan responds to intentionally creating coronavirus



Chinese officials in Wuhan have responded to the charge of artificially creating a coronavirus in the United States. Scientists say they just don’t have enough knowledge to create such a dangerous virus.

China and USA
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It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to Cgtn.

The director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Yuan Zhiming, is sure that there is no evidence of the artificial origin of the coronavirus.

“I am absolutely sure that mankind does not have the knowledge to create something like a coronavirus. Synthesis of such a virus is simply not possible, ”said Jimin.

He said that “there is no probability that a virus will be released from us,” because Chinese employees strictly adhere to professional standards for handling samples.

It should be noted that the United States is actively accusing China of having created a coronavirus and the WHO of ineffective work against the spread of the virus. States have been hit hard by a wave of disease. Panic is noticeable even in the highest echelons of power. American economic domination has been threatened and Head of State Donal Drum does not intend to support this.

Recall that, as previously indicated, the investigation is at a standstill: the SBU made a statement on Shaitanov’s attempt against Avakov.

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