China has developed a technology to filter COVID-19


Nanometers can be used to filter viral particles.

China has developed a technique for filtering coronaviruses: 99.9% efficiency. Photo: Radio Prague

Chinese scientists claim that a new method has been developed to control coronovirus, the cause of COVID-19 infection. Researchers have found nanometers that can absorb and inactivate a virus with an efficiency of 96.5–99.9%.

The Chinese research institute which has developed the nanometer wants to use it in the manufacture of air purifiers and face masks. As mentioned, nanomaterials have been shown to be effective in various industries including healthcare.

Nanoscale particles exist in nature and can be made from various products. Most nanoscale materials are too small to be visible to the naked eye, and even use simple laboratory microscopes.

Chemical engineer Thomas Webster is working on discovering and neutralizing viruses using nanomedicine.

Webster, who is part of a team that brings ideas for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to combat the outbreak of COVID-19, has proposed a way to use nanomatries that are linked to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Can join, destroy their structure.

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Recall that global voluntary networks of engineers, hackers, entrepreneurs and doctors have already formed in the world, which “crack” traditional medical devices and adapt existing versions or create new ones that can be used by any user Can be made on 3D printers or even stitched. Starting with protective shields for health workers and ending with valves for artificial respiratory devices, enthusiasts do it all at home.

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