China Reports False Coronavirus Data In The United States: Intelligence Report


USA and China


Classified American intelligence materials. A week ago, experts were able to establish that China had submitted intentionally untrue information regarding the specifics of the spread of the coronavirus.

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It is reported by “MK“, Reports” MFN “.

The report indicates that the Chinese authorities have deliberately provided the public with incomplete data. This applies not only to the number of people infected, but also to the number of deaths from the virus. However, the United States is in no rush to provide the public with a comprehensive report on the intelligence work.

Note that Chinese representatives said that 82,000 people in their state were infected. Mortality data have been reduced to 3.3 thousand deaths from coronavirus. In turn, the United States has already overtaken China in two ways: 189,000 people infected and more than 4,000 dead from a dangerous virus. Do not completely reject the option that the United States draw not entirely accurate conclusions in the context of an extremely nervous situation regarding the coronavirus problem.

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