Chinese infection has misled scientists: risks of infection on the street have greatly increased



The deadly Wuhan virus has misled scientists. It turned out that a safe distance, which they constantly talk about, does not save the infection.

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The risks of putting COVID 19 on the street have greatly increased.
New facts about the risks of coronavirus infection. Photo:

It was found that “Aerosol with dangerous drops” secreted not only by sneezing and coughing, but also by active breathing.

In the course of repeated trial and error, scientists from Belgium and the Netherlands have discovered that if you find yourself in the wake of a cyclist, you may find yourself in a cloud of microscopic drops.

The wind also affects its distribution, it also transfers these drops.

According to scientists, to reduce the risk of infection, avoid moving directly behind the person in front and go either next to him or behind the diagonal. (See photo montage).

The pattern of movement of the virus in the air

When moving in one direction behind a pedestrian, you should keep a distance of 4 to 5 meters, for runners and when riding slowly, the distance should be increased to 10 meters and for fast driving – up to 20 meters.

When passing, it is necessary to make an arc to be at a considerable distance from the side of the one to be passed

Earlier it was reported that many Ukrainians are immune to coronavirus infections: the immunologists have made an encouraging statement.

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