Chornovol says GBR opened another case against her



Chornovol says GBR opened another case against her

Chornovol says GBR opened another case against her

05.24.2020 19:59


Former Member of Parliament Tatyana Chornovol said that the National Bureau of Investigations had opened a file in which an investigation was under way concerning her priced device.

Chornovol talked about it on hromadske’s tune.

“Recently, I discovered that a case had been opened against me, in which an examination was in progress concerning my rewarding machine. I tried to find out the essentials, because the machine is legal. It is award winning, it has a certificate dated October 16, 2014. Now I have discovered that they accuse me that this machine was captured in combat, therefore illegal, ”said Chornovol.

According to her, the case is being processed by the GBR.

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The former deputy added that the demonstration was legal because on Friday May 22, the court authorized Chornovol to go to Kiev.

The GDB has been reported to have reported suspicion of intentional murder to Chornovol following an arson attack on the Party office of the Regions in 2014.

Chornovol reported on the social network on the morning of April 10 that a search was underway in his house. She also posted a screenshot of the search order, which covers the events of February 2014.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov called the Chornovol case a thirst for revenge.

On April 16, the Pechersk court chose Chornovol as a preventive measure in the form of a 24-hour house arrest with an electronic bracelet, but on April 24, the Kiev Court of Appeal replaced it with a house arrest at night.

Chornovol – People’s Deputy of Ukraine for summons VIII, Ukrainian journalist and public figure, former correspondent for the information and analysis publications “Left Bank”, “Ukrainian truth”, “Observer”.

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