“Clone” 20 years later: the meeting of Jadi and Lucas on the son’s birthday and the pregnancy of Latifa’s daughter



Murilo Benicio and Giovanna Antonelli in the “Clone” series

This fall, the iconic Brazilian television series Clone will turn 19 – its premiere was on October 1, 2001. This series was very popular in Russia and, in a sense, became part of the cultural code of the generation of zero – “Clone” is always periodically rehearsed on television, and fans are still watching with interest the fate of the main characters in the series.

This week, several news about the lives of the actors who played the main roles in the “Clone” appeared immediately. So, the other day, interested internet users savored the details of the meeting between Giovanni Antonelli, 44, and Murilo Benicio, 47, who played in the “Clone” of Jadi and Lucas, who were passionately in love with him. one of the other. The screen novel by Giovanni and Murilo turned at one point into a real one, and in 2005 their son Pietro was born. Shortly after the baby was born, the actors broke up, however, they maintained friendly relationships for the good of the common child.

Murilo Benicio and Giovanni Antonelli in the “Clone” series

Recently, Antonelli and Benicio have just met at a party in honor of the 15th anniversary of their son Pietro. The photos of this celebration were shared by the stars of the Clone on Instagram. The photo shows how former lovers, with their son and their children of other relationships, stand near the table on which a homemade holiday cake decorated with candles is displayed.

Seeing this photo, many fans of “Clone” with nostalgia remembered the difficult love story of Jadi and Lucas, and also noted that over the years Giovanni Antonelli has not changed much. At the same time, internet users hardly recognized a stocky man with a gray beard in the photo Murilo Benicio, the same Lucas in the series.

Giovanni Antonelli and Murilo Benicio with their common son Pietro and children of other relationships

After breaking up with Benicio in 2007, Antonelli married Roberto Lokashio, an American businessman of Italian origin. Their marriage lasted only 4 months, according to rumors, Giovanni and Roberto divorced due to constant disputes with Murilo Benicio, because of which the actress could not focus on a new relationship. Now the interpreter of the role of Jadi is happy in his relations with the director Leonardo Nogueira. They met in 2009 on the set, and a year later became the parents of the twins Anthony and Sofia.

Giovanni Antonelli with his son Pietro and his daughters Antonia and Sofia

Giovanni Antonelli with his lover Leonard Nogueira

Murilo, after breaking up with Giovanni, became friends with another Clone star, Deborah Falabella, who starred in her daughter’s series. They started dating on the set of another series, Brazil Avenue, lived in a civil marriage for more than seven years, and in 2019 announced their separation. Benicio also has the eldest son Antonio – his mother is the Brazilian actress Alessandra Negrini.

Murilo Benicio with his son Pietro

Murilo Benicio and Deborah Falabella in the “Clone” series

Murilo Benicio and Deborah Falabella

Another good news this week was shared with fans by another Clone star, Stephanie Brito, 32, in the series, she played the impudent and masterful daughter of Latifa (Jadi’s sister) and Mohammed, a daughter named Samira. Yesterday, Stéphanie posted a new photo on Instagram with a rounded belly and announced that she would soon become a mother for the first time. The father of the future baby is the actress’ second husband, a lawyer of Russian origin Igor Rachkovsky.

I can’t believe I’m writing this and living this moment. With tears in my eyes and great gratitude in my heart, I hasten to share with you the best news I have ever received … I will become a mom! We are expecting a baby! Honey, thank you for being there! I love you dad!

– wrote Stéphanie.

Stephanie Brito

Stéphanie and Igor have been together for more than 9 years, but they only celebrated a magnificent marriage in 2018. Before that, the actress had been married to Brazilian footballer Alexandre Pato for a year (from 2009 to 2010).

Stephanie Brito in the series “The Clone”

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