Coalition “Servant of the People” and “European Solidarity”: Arahamia made an unexpected statement



The faction leader “Servant of the people” David Arahamia gave an answer concerning the coalition of his political forces with “European Solidarity” and “The Voice”. Monobolshstvo “continues to live”.

Zelensky and Poroshenko
Zelensky and Poroshenko. Photo –

It is reported by “Unian“, Reports” MFN “.

In a speech on Ukraine 24, Arahamia declared that there would be no coalitions between the parties which would have ideological positions diametrically opposed to the elections. He estimates that the “Servant of the people” will be able to “live in a regime of monocoalition” until the end of the current rate of the Verkhovna Rada. He said similar votes were obtained without cooperation agreements.

“In theory, with the Voice, we have a lot of common votes, I follow the statistics. But there are practically no common votes with the EU. Therefore, to suggest that there is a coalition is to deceive and lie. I don’t think there will be a coalition with a faction with fundamentally different principles at this rate, “he said.

Recall, as noted above, the American aggression against Ukraine: the outraged Trump announced his availability for the conflict.

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