Completion of quarantine in kindergartens: what reality awaits parents and children



Completion of quarantine in kindergartens: what reality awaits parents and children

Completion of quarantine in kindergartens: what reality awaits parents and children


05/26/2020 22:53


Kindergarten officials say they are ready to open and have been waiting for students since June 1. But sometimes this will is done at the expense of parents

With the gradual weakening of quarantine, the government met the working parents of babies and made it possible to gradually open kindergartens from 25 May. But, of course, in regions where the epidemic is calm. There are many new quarantine requirements for the organization of kindergarten work, as well as for parents who will bring their children to kindergartens. What will change now are the pre-school establishments ready to work under the new conditions and what the parents are not satisfied with – further on in the Ukrinform material.

Without lint or carpet, but with complete disinfection

The requirements for the organization of kindergarten work during the quarantine period have been presented by the Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, they can be found on the MES website. According to them, children and workers whose temperature is above 37.2 ° C will not be allowed in kindergartens – at the entrance to the preschool, workers and children should undergo a screening temperature. In addition, children’s temperature will be measured during the day – at least once every 4 hours. Children with body temperatures above 37.2 ° C and those with symptoms of acute respiratory illness should be isolated and reported to their health care provider and their parents. At the same time, it is impossible for parents to enter the kindergarten, the child will be transferred from hand to hand.

But prudent parents have a logical question about the temperature standard in 37.2. Indeed, even in perfectly healthy children, an increase in temperature can slightly increase the temperature. Dobrobut pediatrician Tatyana Rybakova in a comment to Ukrinform explains that the norm depends on the age of the child. “In children under three, a temperature of 37.5 and above is considered hyperthermia. Electronic thermometers don’t even identify a temperature of 37.2 as high. It will be good if mom measures her body temperature in the morning and in the evening when he is calm. If the child is alarmed and cries because, for example, he has already forgotten what a visit to a kindergarten is, then it is normal for his temperature to rise, ”says Tatyana Rybakova.

Completion of quarantine in kindergartens: what reality awaits parents and children

She adds: if the temperature signals illness, then in most cases the child’s general condition will manifest itself in a certain way – he will be lethargic, inactive, with no appetite. “As a doctor, I draw the parents’ attention to the child’s condition, not just the temperature. A child with a temperature of 38 continues to be active, while another with a temperature of 37 may feel unwell. But I note that to control the incidence in kindergartens, temperature screening is not as important, even for children as for adults, as well as the presence of a nurse, “notes the doctor. .

At the entrance to the kindergarten, a place must be provided for the treatment of hands with an alcoholic antiseptic. Preschools should provide workers with personal protective equipment, disinfect surfaces at least once every 2 hours, do wet cleaning twice a day and also ventilate the room throughout the day. By the way, teachers and kindergarten children should wear masks, but not children.

In addition, during the quarantine period in kindergartens, it will be prohibited:

  • use reusable towels, plush and long pile rugs;
  • be indoors with city shoes;
  • carry out activities involving children from more than one group;
  • organize parent meetings, except at a distance.

For the adaptive quarantine period, the Department of Health recommends preference for outdoor games, to create the maximum distance in the group and during meals, to limit activities that require physical contact or additional equipment, and to develop a walking schedule to prevent groups from mixing. Well, at first glance, all the requirements and recommendations are stated in a fairly clear and understandable way, but what in practice? Since the contingent is small restless children.

The requirements of the kindergartens of the Ministry of Health are met and await the students

To learn the situation from the inside, Ukrinform met with the managers and staff of several metropolitan kindergartens. According to officials of the institutions, the final preparations are still underway and they will be able to take pets there from June 1, which symbolically coincided with Children’s Day. Above all, there are no excessive worries on the part of parents – on the contrary, most are waiting for kindergartens to open, as they are gradually planning to return to work.

The founder of the private mini-kindergarten Kangaroo Nursery School (designed for 20 children), who in the street. Mstislav Skripnik, 40, Alena Egorova:

“We plan to open a kindergarten from June 1. We bought all the personal protective equipment, antibacterial mats, disinfectants. The biggest “quest” was when buying contactless thermometers. Kindergartens obliged to put a person with a contactless thermometer at each entrance. These thermometers cost between 1,200 and 1,300 hryvnias, but now they are simply not in this price category. And those that are available cost around 2,000 hryvnia each. A liter of disinfector costs 300 hryvnias, a disinfection mat for city shoes – about 400 hryvnias. In total, we spent about 5,000 hryvnia to meet all the requirements of kindergarten for 20 children.

Completion of quarantine in kindergartens: what reality awaits parents and children

There was no problem with the rest – for a long time we had no carpets or lint. Our toys are mainly made of plastic and wood, which are not difficult to disinfect. We have organized the employee information meeting in advance, we are using the recommendations that are posted on the websites of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science and the Center for Public Health. Parents are optimistic, but there are hardly any such people who will not return their children to kindergarten from June 1. Everyone is waiting for the opening. “

The director of Kindergarten No. 102 on Lesnoy prospekt, 6B, Oksana Shurkhal:

“According to the regulations that have been communicated to us, we just have enough. During the week we will prepare group rooms, separate entrances and exits for children, so that children do not meet. We will restore all quarantined activities, parents will fill out questionnaires to find out if their children were sick or were in contact. Everything is normal and calm, the education service provided us with disinfectants, masks. We developed the rules which we sent to the parents and during the quarantine, the educators spoke to their children from a distance. Children will measure the temperature at the entrance, parents will not enter. We try to think everything down to the smallest detail. “

Kindergarten director No. 156, Galina Moskalyuk, was terse, only saying that the institution was now preparing to accept children under the new rules. “Parents weigh the pros and cons until they get the answer that 150 of the 290 children raised with us will come to kindergarten.”

In kindergarten at 30 avenue des Héros in Stalingrad, 4B, they declared that there was no problem either in preparing the new rules for the reception of children. “Everyone works, the institution is equipped with everything necessary and awaits the students. As we are fully prepared, we will inform our parents immediately. There is no excitement on either the workers ‘side or the parents’ side – everyone is ready to work and take the kids, “said a kindergarten worker, who for some reason refused to ‘to be called.

“Charades” for parents: profiles, paper towels, masks and work certificates

After examining the comments of parents of babies from the Facebook group “SOS Parents” on the opening of kindergartens, several conclusions can be drawn. First of all, in the capital, the situation with the preparation of kindergartens for the opening seems to be better. Preparation goes without asking for money for additional quarantine expenses – masks, antiseptics, paper towels, etc. Unlike regions where such support is sometimes required from parents.

Tatyana Shumskaya from the city of Krivoye ozero (Nikolaev region) writes: “Today they called and said 100 hryvnias to hand over for the purchase of disinfectants and paper towels”.

Anna Geller of Kherson received this message with a list of necessary items:

Completion of quarantine in kindergartens: what reality awaits parents and children

Polina Nagornaya from Poltava says: “They said it was necessary to provide the child with a paper towel – one a day, while the consolidated groups are working, but when our kindergarten opens, we do not know because they didn’t even buy food. They also ask parents to join in the purchase of antiseptic rugs. “

But such abuses by parents contradict the decree of the Ministry of Health and the Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ukraine of May 21. The document in paragraph 8 clearly states that the establishment itself or its founders must provide workers with personal protective equipment and disinfectants. The same goes for the presence of liquid soap and paper towels in the bathrooms. In other words, this security should be at the expense of the community or the owners of the gardens, and not of the parents’ portfolio.

In addition, the parents of the babies said that they sent questionnaires to kindergartens to find out if the child had symptoms of coronavirus, if the child had been tested for coronavirus, if he was in contact with a patient with coronavirus and the like.

In addition, in some kindergartens, parents even sign informed consent that, as part of the Covid-19 infection, they take full responsibility for the health of their child. Therefore, parents complain that kindergartens will easily avoid responsibility, even if a child becomes ill due to any violation by the staff.

Completion of quarantine in kindergartens: what reality awaits parents and children

Kindergartens send profiles to complete

Completion of quarantine in kindergartens: what reality awaits parents and children

Completion of quarantine in kindergartens: what reality awaits parents and children

But that’s not all. In some places, parents need a work certificate confirming that they are both working or a certificate of form 095 / о (issued to children attending general or pre-school education, information on the presence or absence of contact with infectious patients for three weeks is indicated. – Auth.) And if filling in the questionnaire can be considered a concern for the health of the child and the team, then others bureaucratic requirements, on the contrary, seem absurd.

In general, parents’ discussions do not notice the excitement, and even more the panic due to the visit of kindergartens during a coronavirus infection. Most have accepted the new reality and discuss the problems associated with it – that an alcohol disinfector can damage a child’s sensitive skin, is outraged at thermometers and shares the latest information.

Julia Gorban, Kiev

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