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The Minister of the Interior and the hateful Ukrainian oligarch do not like the fact that the head of the OPU, Andrei Yermak, went against them.

Avakov and Kolomoisky
Avakov and Kolomoisky. Photo –

It is reported by the “MFN” referring to the chain Telegram “Resident“.

According to their source, the scandalous recordings with Andrei Ermak’s brother were not casual at the moment:

“Ermak has long been developed by the police. Meeting records were kept by employees of the Ministry of the Interior. Andrei Ermak was aware of the compromising evidence against his brother, but did not go to the ultimatum of Avakov / Kolomoisky. “

The source added that the conflict between the parties has started to change due to the situation with the governors, who are subordinate to Avakov. Like, they have absolutely no idea how to manage the regions.

But the peak of the conflict came last week, when Ermak and Shmygal agreed with the IMF:

“The president’s chief of staff canceled the agreements with Avakov and Kolomoisky. And the latter did not like it very much … Ukraine is now one step away from the political crisis and the reformatting of power in all directions. “

Recall that we wrote earlier who recorded the video with Ermak’s brother.

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