confirmed the arrival of the new top of the 5G tablet line


The debut of the new top-end Samsung tablet is nearing. Project that can be called Galaxy Tab S7 or Galaxy Tab S20 (in order to unify the nomenclature between the tablet and the smartphone, he received this watch new certificates which confirm the existence of one option 5g.

The new Galaxy Tab S20 (or S7) will be made in two versions, one of 11 inch and one of 12.4 inch Please note that only the 12.4-inch version will have 5G, while the 11-inch version should only represent 4G. At the moment there is not much more information in the technical passport. Samsung’s new top-end tablet can use the new SoC Exynos 992 at 6 nm, which we will most likely find also on the Galaxy Note 20.

As for the release date, the new Samsung tablet should be ready for next summer. At the moment, there are no exact confirmations as of the presentation date, but it is likely that the device will be presented August, along with new Galaxy Note 20 and to second generation Galaxy Fold.

At the same time, remember that the Samsung tablet line is a great landmark Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 with Snapdragon 855.


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