confirmed the date of presentation


Apple seems to have finally decided Presentation date of the new iPhone SE 2020 (or iPhone 9?), a new entry level that will expand the assortment of smartphones at Cupertino’s home. New smartphone will be introduced later this week, or the 16th week of the year, according to a new report by John Prosser.

There are two possible presentation dates. The most likely date is the date April 15th or next Wednesday, but it is possible that Apple will decide to postpone the presentation of its new iPhone SE 2020 until tomorrow 14th of April There will be no launch event, but, as is the case with the iPad Pro 2020, the new iPhone SE 2020 will be presented directly to the network.

As for the release date, pre-orders should begin as early as this week, with first deliveries scheduled for late April. There is currently no final confirmation of the price at which Europe should start 449-500 euros for the base model with 64 GB of memory.

Recall that the new iPhone SE 2020 can count on a 4.7-inch display with HD resolution and a Home button with built-in Touch ID to resume the design of the iPhone 8. Under the case will bel Apple A13 Bionic SoC (same as iPhone 12), while the photographic sector will include one rear camera.


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