confirmed the new 5 nm SoC


New assortment Huawei Mate 40, Arrivals in the second half of 2020 will have a limited impact in Europe (due to the lack of Google services), but in China this will certainly become a new benchmark for the smartphone sector. During this watch, SoC received new confirmations, which we will find on the future top of the Huawei line.

Chinese House Must Present On New Mate 40 SoC Kirin 1000 5GThis is an unofficial SoC that guarantees the use of 5G connections. Please note that Kirin 1000 will be the first SoC made with production process at 5 nm to enter the Android market (only Apple will introduce a 5 nm chip in 2020 in addition to Huawei).

The new Kirin 1000 should use the Cortex A78 cores and, as is easy to predict, will be able to count on a significant update, both on the processor side and on the GPU, compared to the current Kirin 990, which we find both on the new P40 and P40 Pro than on the tablet Matepad proAvailable in Italy for several weeks.

More information about the new Huawei Mate 40 will arrive, of course, in the coming days. The pro-version of the new Mate 40 will certainly appear in Europe, even if due to the lack of Google services it will have a clearly limited impact, as is the case with the Mate 30 Pro.


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