Coronavirus Can Be Resisted: US Scientists Find Invincible COVID-19 Weakness



By studying the structure of the coronavirus under a microscope, scientists from the University of Minnesota discovered its weak point.

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The coronavirus has a weak point.
Scientists have found a weak point in the invincible coronavirus. Photo:

The main factor contributing to the rapid spread of coronavirus infection has been found to be its high toughness.

The coronavirus is firmly attached to the receptor protein on the surface of human cells through so-called protein peaks. Then begins its destructive activity.

“In general, after studying the structural characteristics of the most important viral proteins for establishing contact with human cells, we can develop drugs that find them and block their activity”, – said Professor Fan Li.

This confirms the idea that increased tenacity appeared in the coronavirus after the mutation, since it has been proven that the bat coronavirus, which is similar to SARS-CoV-2, was not dangerous for the man until an unknown mutation changes his tips.

It was the COVID-19 mutation that led to the epidemic. And it is precisely on the peaks that American scientists will now try to influence to develop effective medicine.

If you manage to create a drug that will deprive the coronavirus of toughness, it will become harmless to humans.

Earlier, it was reported that Elon Musk joined the fight against the coronavirus after performing an unprecedented act.

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