Coronavirus Causes Increased Domestic Violence Worldwide



Coronavirus Causes Increased Domestic Violence Worldwide

Due to significant travel restrictions, victims of domestic violence remain under the same roof as their offenders.

It is reported by CNN.

As noted, despite the fact that restrictive quarantine measures in Europe are becoming tougher, charities and the police are sounding the alarm due to the potential increase in domestic violence in families. When they are at home under the same roof with their attacker, potential victims become more vulnerable.

“On Sunday, a woman went to a pharmacy in the French city of Nancy, one of the few public places still open after the introduction of a state quarantine in the country to prevent the spread of the dangerous virus. The woman did not come for medication; she came to tell the pharmacist that her partner was mistreating her. Soon, the woman’s husband was arrested by the police, “said the report.

CNN reports that to help victims of domestic violence, the French and Spanish governments have implemented a new victim assistance program. Now victims of domestic violence must go to the pharmacy and ask for protection, but if for some reason they cannot do it openly, victims of violence must say that the code word is “mask 19”. Nancy’s wife was the first to seize this opportunity.

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According to French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, after the implementation of restrictive quarantine measures due to the coronavirus, the number of police interventions in the event of domestic violence increased by 36%.

In this context, the French government has announced that it will pay 20,000 nights in hotel rooms for victims of domestic violence and open temporary counseling centers in supermarkets.

As CNN notes, citing scientific research, peaks of domestic violence were recorded during the economic crisis of 2008, as well as during major natural disasters and during major football tournaments.

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