Coronavirus changes American values: Trump on global economic trends after a pandemic



The American leader has publicly recognized the serious disadvantages of economic globalization, which his country actively supports. The coronavirus forced him to reconsider the benchmarks of the American economic path.

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It is reported by “MK“, Reports” MFN “.

“The United States government has recognized the value of domestic production to its country,” said Trump.

He noted that value chains are highly recommended, but only until serious problems start in one of the countries. Problems, even in one country, which is part of the general production system, break the entire production chain and the economic prospects collapse.

“What will happen to us if the war begins. Almost half of our supplies are supplied by other countries. How reliable is this for the United States? “, Did he declare.

Trump summed up by recognizing the ineffectiveness of economic globalization in difficult times. However, he did not forget to mention his dissatisfaction with China’s actions and again accused him of incorrect actions for the first time in the days of the spread of the coronavirus.

Recall, as previously stated, Putin made a statement on the renaissance of the USSR: the President of the Russian Federation on the main fears and benefits.

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