Coronavirus death rate in Ukraine is one of the lowest in Europe



These data, during a traditional meeting with the president, were shared by the Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal.

Coronavirus in Ukraine
Coronavirus in Ukraine. Stock Photo –

He writes “MFN” in reference to the press service OPU.

Thus, according to Shmygalaya, thanks to a timely quarantine, Ukraine was able to effectively fight against the spread of the coronavirus:

“Statistics on the spread of coronaviruses and mortality from COVID-19 show that we are fighting effectively. For example, the death rate in Sweden, where there is no quarantine, is 6.25%, in the United Kingdom – 5.7%, and in Ukraine, it varies from 2.7% to 2 , 9%. “

In response to this, Vladimir Zelensky noted that this indicates the correct tactics of power and obedience of people who have adhered to restrictive measures:

“But you must not create a misleading impression. People should not think about this because a small number means that you can reject the virus. He has not disappeared. “

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