Coronavirus, drought, floods and famine: 2020 will long be remembered by humanity



The new decade on Earth did not start with the most pleasant events. Almost every month we encounter unpleasant surprises from nature … And, according to experts and scientists, the hard part is yet to come.

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International organizations and meteorologists warn that in 2020 we are still expecting large-scale fires, flooding, a poor harvest and even locust invasions. Such disasters will cause hunger in poor countries, and the United States and Europe will face serious problems.

Global warming is paying off, according to the UN. The oceans have already warmed to record high temperatures; drought begins in the United States and Europe. The poorest countries will have the most difficult times, as they will face the greatest humanitarian crisis of the 21st century. And countries with strong economies will face floods, crop failures and hurricanes.

Experts note that by combining these natural disasters, we could pass … But now everyone is focusing on the fight against coronaviruses. Doctors and rescuers cannot move on to other problems, and there is already not enough money in state budgets … The economy was almost in an artificial coma due to the quarantine. And if some sort of natural disaster begins now, the situation risks becoming uncontrolled.

Even if a country finds the money to eliminate a hurricane, flood or drought, it will be much more difficult to acquire and bring all the necessary things. Indeed, because of the pandemic, all transport has stopped: water, land, air. In addition, in order to meet the needs of their citizens, countries stop exporting drugs, certain products and food products:

“For centuries, we will feel the result of global warming. First of all, the level of the world’s oceans will rise … And this will bring tangible changes. “

Climatologists note that the warmer the ocean, the more actively hurricanes occur. Above all, such a cataclysm will strike the United States. The hurricane season begins here in June.

Rising temperatures in the western Indian Ocean will cause summer droughts and forest fires in Australia, and warming waters in the North Atlantic will cause fires in the forests of the Amazon:

“Global warming is dangerous because it seems to slow down the usual rhythm of natural phenomena. The heat becomes unbearable, the frosts are more unforgiving, the wind immediately turns into a hurricane and the rains are so intense that they become a flood. “

Such an image that the inhabitants of the Earth could observe last year. According to the Copernicus Climate Change Service, last summer was the warmest in Europe. And already in November, the country was inundated by heavy rain.

And this year will be the same situation. For example, in Geneva and Grenoble for more than 40 days, there was no precipitation. The last time it happened in the 19th century. The rain in these European cities only fell this week.

In Ukraine and Romania, the level of reservoirs has dropped considerably. Farmland in France was so dry that farmers began to be alarmed. Drought has also become a problem for Germany.

Drought affects not only Europe, but also the western hemisphere of the planet. For example, the United States has developed a 5-point drought scale. And a second, terrible degree of drought is already observed in Texas, California and Oregon. The third degree, “very dry”, covered dozens of American states.

But, scientists are a little reassuring, they say it is too early to speak of a bad harvest this year. Henceforth, the general state of cultures in the world presents no danger. In addition, last year’s crop was preserved, which turned out to be a record:

“It could completely calm the world … If not for the coronavirus. Because of him, the difficult but tolerant situation in the world began to take on a different aspect. The virus has disrupted the usual logistics of the world market. It is difficult to find many healthy workers in ports and warehouses. The trucks were left without a driver and the planes stopped flying. The cart fell. “

For this reason, the harvest on farmers’ fields simply rots. Migrant workers cannot access coffee fields in Latin America and strawberry crops are lost in Europe. There was a problem with excess food, as there was no one to pick up the products and no one to bring them to the stores.

The coronavirus can also worsen the humanitarian situation worldwide. The UN has warned that 2020 will be very difficult in this regard, and a pandemic will only multiply the terrible consequences.

Tens of poor countries in this world can starve: people will die in the tens of thousands if the rich countries want to cut aid. According to UN statistics, an eighth inhabitant of the Earth suffers from chronic malnutrition in the world. And the coronavirus will further increase that number – 265 million people will starve to death.

But this is not the end of the bad news. Experts note that this year’s crop could destroy the locust plague. Due to the warm winter, their numbers increased almost to the biblical scale. Even before the global pandemic, locusts destroyed plants in dozens of countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The World Bank has already called this mass of the worst new generation locusts. But already now, the locusts are “ripening” in Kenya, Ethiopia and Iran: they will have nothing to gain, because at that time the first crops appeared in Africa. Harvesting this year is a big question.

Recall that we wrote earlier that the summer of 2020 will be the warmest on Earth.

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