Coronavirus drug research: Ukraine ready to join WHO trials



Coronavirus drug research: Ukraine ready to join WHO trials

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine is ready to join the World Health Organization “Solidarity” clinical trials, the ultimate goal of which is to find a cure for the coronavirus.

This was announced by the Minister of Health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov during a meeting with the head of the WHO in Ukraine, Jarno Habicht, the press service of the Ministry of Health reports.

“Ukraine wishes to join the global Solidarity clinical trials, aimed at finding a cure for the disease caused by the new coronavirus. We are ready to study the technical and technological possibilities of joining the tests and have already identified the coordinators of this project with the ministry. We are also interested in other areas of interaction, in particular the increase in the number of tests carried out to identify COVID-19, ”underlined Stepanov.

As WHO head of Ukraine Jarno Habicht said, the international community is determined to help Ukraine as much as possible, and WHO is ready to implement the above initiatives as soon as possible.

According to the Minister of Health, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic between Ukraine and WHO, there are many areas of cooperation: from the provision of humanitarian assistance to expert consultations, telecontrol and the exchange of processing algorithms.

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As Ukrinform reported, at 7:30 p.m. Friday, the number of deaths among those infected with coronavirus reached 100,260. The total number of COVID-19s infected worldwide is 1,647,635, the number of those who have already recovered from this disease is 369,116.

The leaders among the number of patients to date are the United States (478,109), Spain (157,053) and Italy (147,577).

In Ukraine, Friday, 2204 cases of coronavirus had been confirmed in the laboratory, including 69 fatal. The number of those who have already recovered in Ukraine is 61.

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