Coronavirus found in NSDC agent



Coronavirus found in NSDC agent

Coronavirus found in NSDC agent

06/16.2020 20:59


A SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was found in a staff member of the National Security and Defense Council.

In this regard, the ministry is going online, said NSDC secretary Alexei Danilov in a comment to the publication Mirror of the Week.

“Indeed, one of the employees of the Situation Center of the Security and National Defense Council received a positive test result. The employee is in satisfactory condition. An epidemiological investigation is under way, as it should be in such cases, contacts are made, “said Danilov.

He clarified that we are talking about an employee of the National Security and Defense Council Situation Center, which is located on Peter Bolobachan Street, and not at the President’s office in Bankovaya.

“All of us, who have had contact with a sick colleague, have passed the tests and are waiting for the result. It is clear that, without waiting for it, we limited communication, contacts, and uploading,” added the secretary of the NSDC.

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As reported by Ukrinform, COVID-19 was discovered in the wife of Ukrainian President Elena Zelenskaya. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has moved on to a special mode of work related to the identification of his wife’s COVID-19.

In Ukraine, 666 new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus were recorded during the past day. A total of 32,476 people fell ill during the pandemic.

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