Coronavirus has shown what medical reform is worth – Zelensky



Coronavirus has shown what medical reform is worth - Zelensky

President Vladimir Zelensky intends to change his approach to medical reform because he finds it unsatisfactory.

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky noted it in the film “The year of President Zelensky”.

“My impression: in particular the coronavirus has shown what type of medical reform it is. It has shown that hospitals are not ready. The number of infectious hospitals is not ready for such a challenge. salary, the conditions of our doctors in which they work, where there are not many repairs in hospitals “years and the salaries of doctors are very low. There is no medical infrastructure, “said Zelensky.

According to him, the statements of certain officials on the state of the readiness of the health system for the coronavirus were a lie.

“Everyone told us that” be calm, we have stocks, we have masks, there are millions in warehouses, we have three thousand mechanical ventilation running, we have dozens of laboratories to test the tests. “Well, I will tell you that we have there were five laboratories that did not work. Now 35 work. We had more or less mechanical ventilation, not even a thousand. There are 40 million in a country” , he added.

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Zelensky believes that change is necessary.

“Therefore, when we write in capital letters on the poster:” Here is the second stage of medical reform “, we see that after the coronavirus, we have to completely change the approach. We have just seen this that we have. Besides the excellent doctors and some of the best in the world, nothing. This is all about medical reform, “said Zelensky.

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