Coronavirus in Cherry: what changed in two days



Coronavirus in Cherry: what changed in two days

The situation is known at all levels – the Minister of Health has announced that he is studying whether there have been delays in quarantine measures

Since Ukrinform covered the problem of the COVID-19 epidemic in Vishnevoy’s dormitory, two days have passed. Meanwhile, it became known that 78 residents were already infected (there were 38), some of whom are in the hospital. Either because of the media coverage or because of the awareness of the magnitude of the problem, the local authorities nevertheless drew attention to the catastrophic situation. Although the residents of the hostel still fear that after a while they may be forgotten.

Products are supplied at city expense, a hotline is open

The National Guard is also on duty in the dormitory. They say that on the first day of isolation, a man attempted to jump into the store, so the National Guard will be here for the entire two-week quarantine. Inside, the nurses from one of the kindergartens are constantly on duty. Of the 78 people infected, four are now in hospital, the rest are in the dormitory. If the condition worsens, they should call the family doctor who will prescribe medication or send it to the hospital by phone – all according to protocol. An activist for Cherry Lyudmila Martynenko, who helps people at the hostel, told Ukrinform in a comment yesterday, a dozen more people tested, so the number of people infected is still not final. .

Here is what is reported on the Vishnevoy City Council website: “Currently, medical staff at Vishnevsky City Hospital have tested 224 people, 78 of whom have detected COVID-19. Of these, 16 are children of under the age of 17. Four patients are hospitalized. The rest are self-monitored. “Most people did not even suspect they were sick. Because there were no symptoms. Cherry City Council provides each resident of the inn with essential food packages. Volunteers also come to help. “

Lyudmila Martynenko said that the city’s first batch of food and drinking water was delivered to all residents of the hostel last night. Today came the second – vegetables and eggs. The truth adds that it was reported that there were masks in the package, but people said they were not there. Today’s masks will be donated by a volunteer who has sewn over 200 herself. Artem Glinsky helped purchase a quartz lamp for disinfecting the rooms. He jokes that the city council has organized a hotline, but when residents ask uncomfortable questions, they hang up.

Asked about the people who are currently missing, Lyudmila Martynenko replies as follows: “There is not enough confidence that they will not forget us. The disinfection was not carried out completely until April 22. But the question is to know how often it is needed in the focus of infection? ” “(For example, in high-rise buildings in Kiev, disinfection is carried out daily, regardless of the presence of infected people in the house. – N.D.E.)

We ask if an epidemiological investigation has been carried out to establish a circle of contacts, since people did not learn until Monday that they were infected, and before going to work, in stores … Mrs. Martynenko replied that according to the police, there will not be a large epidemiological investigation: the circle is too large, contacts are not enough for this human resource. Now, it’s called – it’ll be as God wants …

In conclusion, the activist adds that due to a lawsuit with the owner of the hostel, while all the rooms are disconnected from hot water, and 13 families are still without light. The city and the district being unable to decide anything, people ask the intervention of the region – at least temporarily turn on the hot water and the light until the end of the quarantine.

Regional administration: work on errors has been carried out

Today, an online briefing on the current situation of the incidence of coronavir in the region was organized by President of the Kiev Regional State Administration Vasily Volodin. He said that 239 people are isolated in the dormitory. A total of 241 PCR tests were carried out, in particular with two employees of the hostel. 65 police officers will also be examined. Of the 78 people infected, 2 died, 4 are in hospital, 72 are in self-isolation. So far, among isolated people, only 10 have clinical signs of the course of the disease and the rest have asymptomatic course. The hostel is constantly on emergency service.

“In the central district hospital of Boyarka, in the infectious room, there are 10 boxes for 40 beds. In addition, 53 beds have been prepared in the therapeutic room. Other beds will be reorganized from April 23 and emergency surgical hospitalization will end. As of April 16, 2020, a municipal non-profit enterprise Irpen Central City Hospital is used to help patients with coronavirus – there are 40 beds According to the professional opinion of doctors, this is enough to welcome patients, “said Vasily Volodin.

He also added that the city authorities had allocated cash assistance to provide food for the isolated people. A hotline has also been opened by telephone: 093 018 53 61, which can be contacted to resolve any problem, including the supply of medicines in the event of deterioration in health.

The chairman of the regional health department, Maxim Ionov, in a comment to Ukrinform, said that the condition of the patients in the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky central district hospital is moderate, that they are under 24 hour surveillance medical personnel and undergo treatment. Asked whether an explanatory work will be done with the administration of other dormitories in the region, Mr. Ionov replied that he recommended that this be done. He added that in the event of an influx of patients, the central hospital of Kiev-Svyatoshinsky also has the possibility of rearranging the beds.

Today, the Minister of Health, Maxim Stepanov, commented on the situation in Vishnevoy on the television channel Ukraine24, reports Interfax.

“Everything is under the control of the regional authorities in Kiev. The head of health is still investigating whether there have been any delays in the implementation of quarantine measures,” said the minister. Well, we hope that the situation in Vishnevoy will serve as a lesson to local authorities in other regions in order to avoid this scenario.

Julia Gorban, Kiev

Waiting. During a briefing, the president of the Kiev regional state administration, Vasily Volodin, also said that two other dormitories were being checked in the region.

“There is now an audit of two other dormitories where coronavirus patients have been found. The first is in Borispolsky district in the village of Petropavlovskoye. An infected health worker lives in the dormitory. She and her family occupy a separate wing with their own kitchen and bathroom. There are 43 residents, there is no clinical manifestation of the disease, all took samples for the PLR ​​test “

In another inn in Gostomel, a member of the National Guard is infected. His illness was discovered during a routine check-up. He lives with his family in a separate block with separate kitchen and bathroom. Family members were also tested.

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