Coronavirus in Ordlo: “LPR authorities” signaled new bans for residents of the “republic”



The “authorities” of the so-called “LPR” have decided to introduce new bans for residents of the “republic” as part of the coronavirus pandemic. As of April 22, residents of the temporarily occupied Lugansk region will not be allowed to visit patients in hospitals, as well as cemeteries.

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This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to the propaganda media, reports MFN.

Today, April 21, in the so-called “LPR” a meeting of the “emergency epidemic health committee”. The meeting was attended by “Minister of Health of the Republic” Natalia Pashchenko.

According to the propaganda media, the “Minister of Health of the Republic” reported on the epidemiological situation in the “LPR”.

Then the “minister” and the “extremely sanitary-anti-epidemic commission” decided on April 22 to prohibit residents of the “republic” from visiting cemeteries (except to participate in the burial), as well as to visit to patients. From tomorrow, quarantine is introduced in the hospital departments of the hospitals of the “republic”.

It should be noted that these restrictions in the “republic” will be valid for the holiday period.

We previously reported that a blogger was talking about minors’ wages in the “DPR”.

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