Coronavirus in Ukraine: IT specialists at Lviv have developed a test that shows your risk of contracting COVID-19



An IT company in Lviv, in collaboration with the medical community, has developed an online coronavirus test. After answering 30 questions, you can find out what the chances are of getting COVID-19.

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After passing the test, a person will understand if he is at risk of getting a dangerous virus, what to watch out for and is it time to turn to the doctors.

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Warta 1“.

“The test is designed to help people and doctors fight the pandemic. The purpose of the test is to help a person make a decision about medical care and assess their chances of getting sick. “- pointed out the developers.

Experts point out that the test does NOT DEFINE whether you are sick or not. It only assesses your chances of picking up COVID-19:

“The test will not be able to assess your actual state of health. If you experience symptoms of the disease, call 103 immediately. “

You can take the test HERE.

Recall that we had previously reported that in Turkey, we announced the successful completion of testing for a coronavirus vaccine.



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