Coronavirus in Ukraine: scientists predict when the epidemic will decrease



Ukrainian scientists from the “Foresight COVID-19” project of the World Data Center “Geoinformatics and sustainable development” at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Sikorsky has released his forecast for the spread of the coronavirus in Ukraine.

Coronavirus in Ukraine
Coronavirus in Ukraine. Stock Photo –

This was reported by “MFN” referring to the press center KPI.

According to the researchers, already in the third decade of May, the coronavirus in the country could decrease. Before that, the impact of developing a linear scenario.

Thus, in the period from 6 to 20 May, the coronavirus in Ukraine clearly displays this linear character with the level of “plateau”: that is to say that 400 to 500 new cases are detected stably per day:

“And we will see such a scenario until the third dekad of May, during which the peak will occur. In addition, the spread will decrease and every day we will see more healing than illness. “

Scientists pointed out that now the number of cases per day is almost equal to the number of people recovered per day. Consequently, the project predicts that during the third decade of May, this balance will evolve in a positive direction, which will indicate a decline in the pandemic.

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