Coronavirus is dangerous for young people – WHO



Coronavirus is dangerous for young people - WHO

Covid-19 poses a threat to young people, including those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

This refers to the WHO reporting portal Corona 24.

“The World Health Organization records the spread of the new coronavirus in young people and healthy people, they have a severe course of the disease,” said the report.

WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris says everyone is vulnerable to a new coronavirus infection.

“Today we are seeing an increase in the incidence rate among young people and we are paying attention to the fact that their symptoms and the course of the disease are serious,” said Harris.

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Harris also said that “the virus has not mutated, but its spread has become so widespread that all people are now becoming vulnerable.”

WHO has information that among people infected with the coronavirus, there are healthy people, for example athletes, as well as people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

As noted, worldwide to date, 1,139,112 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded, of which 61,144 have been fatal, 236,214 people have recovered.

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