Coronavirus kills 43 doctors in Ukraine – Zelensky



Coronavirus kills 43 doctors in Ukraine - Zelensky

Coronavirus kills 43 doctors in Ukraine – Zelensky

06/21.2020 11:49


43 COVID-19 doctors died in Ukraine, Ukrainians should remember and take care of their personal protective equipment during quarantine for the benefit of medical personnel.

This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his congratulatory video on the Day of the Medical Worker, which is published on the Facebook page of the Head of State.

“In Ukraine, 43 medical workers have been killed, opposing COVID-19. Now every doctor is also on the front line, fighting for our health and our life. Ukrainian doctors are equated with the Ukrainian soldiers who protect Ukraine from harm. “And the families of the deceased doctors should receive appropriate compensation in the near future. Of course, no money will be returned to the families of their loved ones,” said the president.

In this regard, he appealed to all Ukrainians – remember that these doctors died while protecting us, and that everyone should therefore temporarily curb their cravings for sunbathing on the beach, having fun at the concert, shout in the square and dance in a nightclub. “Today, each of us can congratulate the Ukrainian doctors. And you just need a little. Don’t be indifferent. Wear masks, keep your distance. Be vigilant to be healthy. Believe it will be best gift for our doctors, “said Zelensky. .

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As noted, today in Ukraine celebrate the Day of the medical worker. This professional celebration was instituted by the presidential decree of June 3, 1994 and is celebrated every year on the third Sunday in June.

As of June 21, in Ukraine, 36,560 cases of COVID-19 had been laboratory confirmed, 735 new cases per day.

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