Coronavirus May Help Return From Crimea – Expert



Political expert Ruslan Bortnik believes that the coronavirus epidemic in Russia could considerably weaken the country. And that will play in the hands of the West, which, under such conditions, could in fact force the Russian Federation to return the annexed Crimea.

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Bortnik spoke about it in an interview “Apostrophe“Writes” MFN “.

“If the Russian Federation suffers a lot from the coronavirus, it will weaken its position very much. Then the West will try to resolve the geopolitical problems (especially the war in the Donbas) precisely at the expense of the weakened Russia.

I do not exclude that the Kremlin will even have to make concessions in the Crimea, for example, switch to a joint management format or grant them the status of mandated territory. “

Bortnik believes that in a pandemic, the view that Putin will never give up on Crimea can change dramatically:

“I do not deny the fact that large-scale social upheavals can occur in Russia … And this will lead to the fact that other people will take their places in the Kremlin, with a different opinion.”

Recall that we wrote earlier that the Kremlin wants to hold another referendum in Crimea.

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