Coronavirus Pandemic: Experts Discussed APU Problems



Coronavirus Pandemic: Experts Discussed APU Problems

Because of the short-term pandemic, we can expect lower defense spending and more drugs.

This was stated at the round table “How the coronavirus threatens the military and the defense industry. Challenges and opportunities for Ukraine”, held at the Gorshenin Institute.

“We can foresee that defense spending could be reduced in the future, as the medicines segment will start to be a priority. And in some countries, in order to eliminate the consequences of the pandemic, they will start to depend on others but we will feel it all over time, “he said. Defense Express Information and Consulting Director Sergey Zgurets.

According to him, a pandemic negatively affects the combat effectiveness of the army. “This contradicts the very structure of the military, which should be compact, mobile, and the virus only attacks structures that are not dispersed. That is, a pandemic reduces combat readiness from the military, units from all countries have already felt it. Significantly cancels international cooperation events, making it worse. A pandemic will affect the structure of the military, as we will learn more about the fact that we are going to enlarge medical units, “he said.

In addition, he said, a pandemic prompts the military to exercise police powers, which carries certain risks of restricting civil rights and freedoms, and the governments of different countries are forced to take care to increase mobilization and strategic reserves.

The director of the Army Research, Conversion and Disarmament Center, Valentin Badrak, believes that Ukraine is currently waging two wars – in the East and with the coronavirus. “The current situation with the coronavirus is actually a state of war, but for Ukraine, it is a double war, because on the one hand, we have to protect the army, and on the other hand, we must use the army for the intended purpose, “said the expert.

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During the round table, it was noted that measures are being taken today to minimize certain risks of a pandemic in the army, but they are not sufficient. In particular, according to the adviser to the commander of the land forces of the armed forces, member of the Volunteer Council of the Ministry of Defense, Elena Shevtsova, it is not enough to simply define tasks for the commander – you must provide him with the resources necessary to accomplish it.

Shevtsova noted that at the time of the pandemic, the state reserve did not have the required number of masks, antiseptics for the military, and now all of this is urgently purchased by military leaders and volunteers.

Experts also drew attention to the importance of manufacturing in Ukraine, on the basis of the factories of the company Ukroboronprom, mechanical ventilation devices for the army.

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