Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated human rights issues – human rights defenders



Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated human rights issues - human rights defenders

Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated human rights issues – human rights defenders

30.04.2020 06:19


The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated existing human rights problems that are limited by quarantine.

This was stated by the president of the NGO Center for Civil Liberties Oleksandra Matviychuk during the online briefing “Digital rights: modern challenges and possible responses” on April 29, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“The pandemic … has exacerbated the existing problems. All the problems previously faced by humanity have suddenly become urgent to resolve,” she said.

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Matviychuk added that all human rights other than freedom from torture and freedom from slavery are subject to restrictions. And some of the restrictions are about to receive benefits and violate rights. “The question” where is this border between freedom of expression and the spread of counterfeits “did not arise during the coronavirus. On the one hand, we see an administrative protocol established for a doctor Alina Shalina to republish reports of lack of medical supplies in Ukrainian hospitals on April 1. On the other, that the spread of counterfeits is causing the fall of 5G towers in Britain, “she said.

As reported on April 24, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal unveiled a quarantine exit plan in Ukraine, which includes 5 steps. The head of government indicated that the starting point for the implementation of this plan could take place on May 11, subject to a favorable epidemic situation. Each stage has clear indicators and depends on the dynamics of the spread of the disease.

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Since March 12, the government has introduced quarantine in Ukraine to fight the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection. Commercial establishments were closed, except for grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and banks. Subway work in Kiev, Kharkov and Dnipro has been stopped, land transport in cities has been stopped, interurban and interregional automobile, rail and air communications have been stopped.

Now the quarantine in Ukraine has been extended until May 11, 2020.

As of April 29, in Ukraine, 9,866 cases of COVID-19 disease have been laboratory confirmed, 456 cases have been recorded per day.

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