Coronavirus pandemic will accelerate Putin’s departure: Former student comrade of Russian President raised possible scenario



Yuri Shvets, a former Soviet intelligence officer and classmate at the KGB, said unexpectedly that the coronavirus pandemic could bring Putin closer to the presidency.

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A pandemic could accelerate the departure of Putin.
An opportune moment arrives for the “successors” of Putin. Photo:

According to Yuri Shvets, this can happen if the Russian president is accused of deliberately bringing the coronavirus to China. Putin will want to offload his responsibility to the world for the outbreak of a dangerous epidemic.

The former intelligence officer said so in an interview with the publication “Gordon“.

“A month ago, I expressed the opinion that the inner circle amalgamates Putin and can imitate the” great war “in order to withdraw him and gain Washington’s forgiveness for all” sins. ” And with the coronavirus, you have nothing to imitate. A pandemic will strike humanity comparable to a limited nuclear war. If the Russian special services deliberately brought the virus to Wuhan, this is a chance for the “successors” to dismiss Putin. It remains only to accuse him of wickedness “, – said the Shvets.

According to him, such a scenario is quite likely, since the President of the Russian Federation “I have everyone, with the possible exception of those around me.”

Earlier, it was reported that the NATO Secretary General had demanded that Putin immediately cease aggression in Dobass.

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