Coronavirus peak in Belarus: authorities make official statement



Belarus is approaching the most difficult period in the fight against coronaviruses. The head of the Department of Medical Statistics, OKB Minsk, Viktor Suschevich, named the peak date for the coronavirus in the country and indicated how long to wait for an improvement in the situation.

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It is reported by “MK“, Reports” MFN “.

The end of the fight is not expected soon, but Suschevich is optimistic. It is certain that in the second half of August, the fight will finally end. Comparing this with the forecasts of other countries, it can be noted that Belarus is preparing for a fairly rapid settlement of the problem.

The peak of coronavirus in the country will come very soon. Suschevich warned that May 20 would be particularly dangerous for health.

“Belarus expects a peak in coronavirus by May 20. Risk reduction will occur in mid-June and the epidemic will be over after August 14 or closer to the end of the specified month, “he said.

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