Coronavirus Vaccine Development Fund raises almost € 10 billion – EU Ambassador



Coronavirus Vaccine Development Fund raises almost € 10 billion - EU Ambassador

Coronavirus Vaccine Development Fund raises almost € 10 billion – EU Ambassador

06/23.2020 22:14


The European Commission’s initiative to create a fund for the development of drugs and vaccines against coronaviruses has been a huge success: 9.8 billion euros have already been raised.

This is what Matti Maasikas, European Union ambassador to Ukraine, said about the “In fact: World” program on the “DOM” channel.

“The results (EC’s global response initiatives to develop vaccines and drugs against the coronavirus – Editor’s note) exceeded all expectations. I am very happy to talk about it. The idea was to raise 7.5 billion euros, but now (by June 8 – Editor’s note), there is already 9.8 billion euros. By the end of June, we may have more. And this money, of course, should be sent around the world with the help of EU funds. And not just for vaccines, for vaccine development. But also for diagnosis and therapy. The European Commission initiative has been a huge success, ”said Maasikas.

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At the same time, the EU ambassador did not agree with the accusations of some EU countries against Brussels regarding the insufficient response to the challenges posed by the epidemic.

According to Maasikas, “you have to start with the question – who does what. What are the skills? In the area of ​​public health, the EU Member States are responsible. All measures have been taken by the Member States. The Commission and the EU institutions coordinate something, but very little. When the Member States started to take measures, in particular the closing of the borders, they did not coordinate with each other and did not transmit information to Brussels. “

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As the representative of the European Commission pointed out, the Brussels institutions have taken the lead and started to develop an economic response, which was very important.

“And now we see how the states discuss, coordinate with the Commission on the opening of internal borders, they also discuss the external borders. So we learned a lot during this terrible pandemic, ”said the ambassador.

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Reminder: The European Commission organized the international global donors conference on May 4th. Within hours, 7.4 billion euros were raised. Governments, foundations and individuals continued to donate.

The aim of the initiative is to harmonize research worldwide with the objective of developing vaccines and drugs for the coronavirus. It is assumed that once these drugs are created, they will be available to all countries, including the poorest.

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