Cost, how they work and where to buy


From 1 April, transport in Kiev changes to a new fare payment system

New travel cards have been introduced in Kiev: cost, how they work and where to buy. Photo: Passenger Transport

In the public transport of the capital, new types of tickets begin to operate. For travel, a blue Kiev smart card must be used, on which you can record up to 100 trips (but no more than 50 at a time). The cost of each trip will range from 6.50 UAH to 8.00 UAH depending on the amount of reimbursement.

The old green cards of the Kiev Metro will be valid till 31 March 2021, but now they will not be repaid.

You can buy a ticket using the Kiev smart card, filling it with 1 to 50 trips. You can use them in all types of ground public transport and metro during the year from the date of last recharge.

In addition, unlimited travel tickets are offered in metro, bus, tram, trolleybus, funistic and city electric train with monthly validity period. It will cost 1300 UAH or 650 UAH in full – for the second half of the month. In addition, 46 trips per month will cost 290 UAH and 145 UAH for the second half of the month; 62 trips – 390 UAH and 195 UAH for the second part of the month; 92 trips – 575 UAH and 287 UAH for the second half of the month; 124 trips – 770 UAH and 385 UAH for the second half of the month.

There are also unlimited “tourist” travel tickets for a period of time: 24 hours – 100 hryvnias, 48 ​​hours – 150 hryvnias, 72 hours – 200 hryvnias. One-time travel can be paid using QR codes or old-style paper coupons. They cost 8 hryvnias. Metro will not have more tokens.

You can use e-tickets, PrivatBank, IBox, EasyPay, 2click, T-kiosks, in self-service terminals, on PortSmart payment portals, using Kyivstar Smart Groshi and at ticket offices in your own Kiev-SmartCity and Privat24 applications. You can purchase and refill the card. Kyiv Metro Station.

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Recall, according to the director of the Department of Information and Communications Technology in Kiev City State Administration, Yuri Nazarov, the cost of the capital to pay for the introduction of a ticket fare 504 million UAH. The introduction of e-tickets has become one of the capital’s biggest smart projects, which took place in several stages, including system testing. It is reported that during the year, city officials technically adapted 100% of the public transport network to the e-ticketing system: 1326 units of ground transportation in the metro and 359 turnstiles. In addition, more than 4 thousand e-ticket selling points were created.

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