Court sent Sternenko under house arrest



Court sent Sternenko under house arrest

Court sent Sternenko under house arrest


06/15.2020 21:47


The Kiev Shevchenkovsky District Court chose Sergey Sternenko as a preventive measure in the form of house arrest.

This was announced by investigating judge Vladimir Bugil, a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“Sternenko’s request for bail must be denied. The petition regarding the choice of a Sternenko preventive measure in the form of house arrest must be satisfied,” said Bugil.

After the court decision, Sternenko began to shout that the judge had not specified where he would be placed under house arrest. When those present in the room stated that at the place of registration, he replied that he could not carry out a house arrest in a military unit in Odessa, “where he was not even allowed to go “.

The prosecutor said in a comment to journalists that he was ready to appeal to the defense.

Sternenko, however, said the call “will no doubt be”.

His lawyer noted that the prosecutor in the motion had indicated a different address for purging Sternenko’s house, so that the court had to explain where his client should be.

After the announcement of the court decision, activists of the institution began to chant “Ganba”, they lit red lights.

As noted, the Shevchenko court began on June 12 and, on June 15, continued to consider the request for the election of a Sternenko preventive measure.

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He was informed on June 11 of a suspected crime within the meaning of art. 115 h.1 (intentional infliction of unlawful death on another person) and art. 263 para. 2 (transport of cold steel without the authorization provided for by law) of the Criminal Code.

On the evening of May 24, 2018, two assailants attacked Sternenko and his girlfriend. While pushing back, the activist fatally wounded one of them with a knife in the stomach. Sternenko himself and the second attacker, who were quickly detained by the police but immediately released, stabbed him and granted him witness and state guard status.

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