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A new way of diagnosing COVID-19 will be available to all

COVID-19 Diagnostic Cuff App: How It Works

Scientists at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne have developed a unique application that can diagnose coronovirus by coughing up a user.

One of the scientists, Thomas Teziero, said the application was inspired by doctors’ reports that patients with COVID-19 developed a cough with a characteristic sound – eventually with a chirping breath – which differed from other diseases. was.

“We have a lot of contact with doctors, and some of them said that they are quite capable of distinguishing patients infected with the sound of coughs,” Tejiero told reporters.

The application is planning to launch under the name Coughvid. It will work on the basis of artificial intelligence. AI has already studied 15,000 records of people with coughs, of which one thousand are truly ill with coronovirus infection. Thus, the program learns to determine the correct cough.

The authors of the application warn that it will not be possible to make a final diagnosis with its help. If Kafvid determines that the user’s cough is similar to the cough of a patient with a coronavirus, it would recommend seeing a doctor or testing it to detect the infection.

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Recall that scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a model for the dependence of COVID-19 incidence rates on quarantine measures based on artificial intelligence. For modeling, researchers linked two fields: machine learning and epidemiology.

The results of the study disproportionately indicate that countries that have taken prompt government intervention and strict public health measures regarding quarantine and segregation are capable of preventing the spread of infection and its development rapidly.

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