COVID-19 cases increase due to tatting – Stepanov



COVID-19 cases increase due to tatting - Stepanov

COVID-19 cases increase due to tatting – Stepanov

06.06.2020 18:05


The increased incidence of COVID-19 is due to the frivolity of society.

Health Minister Maxim Stepanov wrote about it on Facebook.

“The trend of increasing incidence rates over the past few days has a simple explanation – our society was rather frivolous with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, and the mitigation of quarantine measures was seen as their complete abolition “wrote Stepanov.

The minister stressed that the authorities had chosen an adaptive quarantine strategy to gradually overcome the coronavirus crisis. “The quarantine is still valid. It is important not to confuse the concept of mitigation and cancellation, because the threat of COVID-19 is as great as before,” said the head of the Ministry of Health.

He drew attention to the fact that statistics on the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases were also observed in other countries. Thus, according to Stepanov, the level of transmission of the virus in Germany in the past few days again exceeds a critical value. In China, prepare for a new epidemic. Another country whose authorities have announced the start of the second wave is South Korea. In Brazil and India, new records are also recorded.

“In Ukraine in recent weeks there has been a positive momentum in incidence. But the latest data and a frivolous attitude towards the safety of citizens is alarming. I understand how tired everyone is from their forties; “I want to return to a full life as soon as possible, but we have no choice. War with the virus has not yet been won. And it is only through our behavior and respect for safety rules that we can minimize the activity of its spread, “wrote Stepanov.

He called on all citizens to respect the anti-epidemic rules. They can be found on official resources of the Ministry of Health.

“Use masks, antiseptics and respect social distance! Do not neglect the rules and personal protective equipment, because not only your life, but also those close to you depend on it!” – wrote Stepanov.

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As reported, according to the Ministry of Health, in Ukraine on the morning of June 6, 26,514 cases of COVID-19 were laboratory confirmed, including 550 in the past 24 hours. 11,812 people recovered, 777 died.

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