COVID-19 in Ukraine will be treated according to established protocol – Ministry of Health



The Ukrainian Ministry of Health has developed a special algorithm for the use of drugs, according to which patients with coronavirus will be treated.

Maxim Stepanov
Maxim Stepanov. Photo –

It is reported by “MFN” referring to Press service Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

As noted by Health Minister Maxim Stepanov, these algorithms will be used for people infected with moderate, severe and critical degrees of the disease:

“Unfortunately, there is no drug or vaccine against COVID-19. Every inhabitant of the planet runs the risk of contracting a coronavirus. There are many countries which, before Ukraine, have encountered the virus and developed their own methods of treatment. This is why, based on the experience of these countries, we have created a special algorithm for the treatment of coronaviruses. “

The minister added that the protocol has been sent to all health workers who treat patients with coronavirus.

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